How does shipping work?

We ship through Canada Post, in up-cycled boxes. Please allow for 7 business days until the order is shipped, and shipping time can vary from 1-5 business days dependent on your proximity to Ontario, Canada (12 business days usual wait).
Please make sure your address is complete and correct, with attention to Unit #s and postal codes. If a package is returned to us due to a problematic address, it is not economical for us to reclaim it, but we can refund the product. We cannot refund the shipping.

What is the bulk pricing?


50: $14.25/ea (-5%); 100: $13.50/ea (-10%); 250: $11.25 (-25%); 500+: $10/ea (-33%)


100: $4.50/ea; 250: $4/ea; 500+: $3.50/ea

Do you do customization?

Yes!! Price and delivery time will vary accordingly to the customization needs. The most popular options are additional cards and kit inserts with specific resources. Costs start at +10% of order.

Can I do pick-up?

Only in Kitchener, Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings. This is dependent on stock availability in our Kitchener home and Tina's availability. Always happy to talk about it though. :)

Can I get a donation of PASS kits to my group?

As a small business, unfortunately we don't have the capacity to make donations at this time. But, we encourage you to find sponsors!

I have more questions, who should we contact?

We're always happy to hear questions from the community, you can contact tina@mypasskit.com for answers to any of your questions!