What is a PASS Kit?

PASS (Panic, Anxiety, & Stress Support) has developed the PASS kit, a self care tool for communities to manage daily stressors and stimulate the mental health discussion.

 PASS RE+Minders

PASS RE+Minders


with concise counselling advice


for blocking uncomfortable noises


to grip and release to relax tense muscles


for shielding disturbing lights

 Aspartame-free PUR gum!

Aspartame-free PUR gum!


to chew for focus and for refreshment 


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The Mental Health Problem

In your school

15% - 25% of youth suffer from mental health problems.

22% of Canadian teens considered suicide this year.

In your workplace

27% of Canadian workers reported days to be 'quite a bit' or 'extremely' stressful.

39% of Ontario workers would not tell their managers of a mental health problem.

In your community

Only 49% of Canadians would socialize with a friend with a serious mental illness.

2 in 3 people suffer in silence fearing judgment & rejection.

Our Mission

Improve Access

Human support is invaluable, and technological innovations are promising, but we take a back-to-basics approach with evidence-based tangible tools which can support someone 24/7, glitch free.

Add Urgency

The first aid kit is always there to emphasize the urgency to treat trauma. PASS wants to do the same for mental health. We aim to bring awareness to mental health symptoms and urgency to its management with our products.

Spark Change

Mental health stigma often means mental health discrimination. We aim to educate and inform to dispel myths about people living with mental health problems, to allow for better recovery and quality of life.


What's our story?

PASS is founded on the belief that the mental health dialogue should be barrier-free and that tools should be accessible and evidence based. Everyone should feel confident when discussing and managing their own mental health. Start the dialogue, share your story, and inspire others to do the same. PASS wants to help the bad times pass.
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Tina Chan, Founder

MSc. Public Health & Health Systems 2018 at the University of Waterloo

I founded PASS in my last years of my undergraduate studies as a St. Paul's GreenHouse fellow and Health Studies student. After struggling during my early years of university with anxiety and depression, I eventually built coping skills needed for my final years. One hardship was lack of accessible tools and resources. I am currently a candidate for the MSc. in Public Health & Health Systems at UW.



Melanie Warren, Content Curation

Masters of Social Work at the University of Toronto

Hello, I'm Melanie Warren.  I proofread the flashcards in the original PASS kit and managed social media in 2015.  Currently, I'm doing research to strengthen the evidence base for the flashcards and generate ideas for new ones.  My input to the PASS kit team was and continues to be grounded in my psych and social work education, social justice perspective, and lived experience with mental illness.  I am a recent graduate of UofT's MSW program.



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